Claim to fame!


On this blog we have often touch on the issue of to what extend co-creation in business will come to. With a good warm up in 2006, 2007 seFameems top be the year where user generated content will boom in business, whether it be in the fields of journalism, photography or the marketing of clothes. has made a Springspotting Network were you can submit new entrepreneurial ideas that you spot in your local area. For doing this you will earn points and possibly receive gifts for your convenience. I don´t think gifts and money is the thing that will make people help out these companies though, but it will peoples claim to fame in being the one that might discover that next big thing and lets the rest of the world know! So lets go spot! Find out new trends and ideas for 2007 – and discuss them between us. Its fun. Sometimes we will agree sometimes disagree – and we can even bet on different thrends for the next year – and see which ones catches on and which ones flop – because lets not forget that for every great idea we hear about chances are that 9/10 will never see the light of day;-)