Innovation leap: The new iPhone



The other day someone said “I thought you were the kind of guy who had a Blackberry”. Here’s why I dont have one and don’t want it (and for that matter and socalled smart-phone): It’s not smart – it’s stupid!

Picture_2_4A few months ago I read the patent-description of a new technology that Apple has been developing. It’s a new user-interface that senses the movement of your fingers – even when you are not touching the device. The other day Steve Jobs presented the new iPhone – Apple’s new phone + iPod + mini-computer. It seems to have all the stuff you need (camera, iPod, phone, email, internet) but the cool thing is it doesnt have buttons. It just has a really nice widescreen and the interface changes depending on what you are doing. For now it doesn’t seem to have the new touch-free technology but something called Multi-touch – a touch-sensitive screen through which you do everything.

So Blackberry-geeks, see you later – I’ll be on my iPhone!