The social mobile phone


Images_8I got a new phone today. A nokia with a 2 megapixel camera. Now I will be able to upload pictures on our moblog, which makes everybody else able to follow our STAGIS life. But that’s not all the value a phone adds! I came across MILab (Mobile Content Lab), which is a very interesting project. It’s a co-orporation between the corporate sector and academic institutions, which develops concepts concerning contents for mobile phones. And WOW! If these project will become reality, there are no limits on what we will be able to do through or mobile network.

Not only has our phones become a tool for expressing our identity, but it’s become a means through which we live our social life and experience different conflicts. At least it will be. In the near future! If MILabs project will become reality anyway. These concerns everything from going through a trial in court, playing live-games being an assassin, going through a scavenger hunt or doing lectures in political science. I find that these are very interesting possibilities, but I can’t help thinking, that it’s a dangerous development as well. It can’t be healthy to base your development on experiences from a virtual reality. Or can it? Is it just as valuable to argue and succeed in this “parrallel”-life? I guess this is basically the same concern parents have when they try to control their children’s time spent in front of a computer…