Wakey Wakey!


I had to come at some point I guess – A gathering of people (B Samfundet) that consider themselves B-People (aka: dont like getting up before 10, dont function before 12 and peak in energy level in the afternoon and evening). A – people would called them lazy…but think about it for a bit – if you arn´t lucky enough to decide when during your day you want to work and have the usual 9-5 job, how much energy is your boss missing out on. Helenapierre_sover294 The society of B-people have only existed 14 days and already they have about 4-500 members. And after having appeared on breakfast TV today the number is bound to rise. They work towards lobbying for institutional changes to our lives: workplaces, schools, kindergartens and the likes that will support the B-people by being open at alternative hours. We dont live in the industrial era anymore, so the founder is wondering when our jobs today heavily rely on our brain to come up with clever thoughts and ideas why arn’t we working when the brain wants to work? Good question – and good luck to them. I really hope they succeed in changing the work-life balance in our little duck pond. We all know how much we Danes like renewal and everything thats different and exotic…!

PS. Im not yet a member – because I dont know if they will accept a B-person who, peaks at two o’ clock and doesnt really like working in the evening;-)