Does ethics belong at university?


Billede046Last week Nikolaj gave a lecture at Roskilde Universitetscenter. He was the ‘guest star’ in Roy Langers seminar Buzzwords in current organizational communication introducing severel interesting cases from “real life” outside university. Cases that I think puts depth into the theory of the course. The students seemed quite interested in Nikolajs practical experiences, but one subject, that kept popping up was ethics.

It seems like this is an area, where the worlds inside and outside the university differ a lot. I think Nikolaj went as far as to call the discussion about ethics a pseudo-discussion, because it doesn’t have a very big place in his everyday work. This – I think, and correct me if I’m wrong – came as a surprise to many of the students.

The interesting thing to discuss then, is if the whole perspective of ethics is superfluous at university (especially if it never has any effect outside the institution). Or maybe the issue is rather if we need to think more ethically in our everyday work?