New designers on the block


This “Fashion Week” fashion-graduates from Danmarks Designskole (DKDS) held a show at Cinemateket, CPH.

This was a great initiative arranged mainly by students and collaborators with some help from DKDS. The school needs initiative, ongoing tradition and an overall concept when it is promoting it’s graduates… and what’s a fashion-graduate without a show? As my friend who’s in danish fashion said: “I got to go! – you’ll never know when there’ll be a show from DKDS again?” She just wants to be well informed about what’s going on. I think this expresses the need for visibility of the graduates and lack of confidence in DKDS ability to promote its students.

Maybe the solution is simple; its the students, not the organization who has to create memorable exhibitions/shows/concepts!

This year DKDS decided not to do an exhibition for it’s Graduates, but to do a publication; “Ladies and Gentlemen” on “young danish designers right now” witch is us; the graduates from the summer of 2007 and the winter 2006. This was decided by DKDS who didn’t want to do a half-good exhibition, (as last year) and wasn’t able to do a good one because of bad planning and communication with its graduates. But how can a book communicate over 100 projects shown in 19 x 12 cm each…? I don’t think it can! This is why I think the place needs an ongoing plan for how they present their graduates. Every year its up to discussion. Some times the result is fine, but more often it’s not. It’s up to the individual student to create their own contact’s and a professional profile, but it’s up to the school to promote their core product – the students, witch in return would reflect positive on the schools reputation.

The concept could be simple; if a few students are able to arrange a fashion show with sponsors and collaborators, why should they then not create inspiring exhibitions for all graduates? DKDS should have faith in the students ability to stand on their own legs! And who would be better at understanding the value of their fellow students work? Obviously DKDS does not quit get this.

This is just my opinion… What do you think…? Did you ever see a memorable exhibition from DKDS? Designskolen Kolding (DK) arranges their graduate exhibition in collaboration with Trapholt, a contemporary art museum in the area. The Danish Royal Academy of Art do their graduate exhibitions at “Gammel Strand” in the very center of CPH. DKDS is hidden in a bookshelf!

Here is a taste of this years publication – it’s a very nice graphic piece, but I’m not sure it communicates the full scale of each project…