To interview an 15 year-old


Yesterday I was interviewing pupils at Kastanievej Efterskole for a short movie STAGIS is doing for their website. Together with Mads Nielsen, the very pro fotografer helping us out, I spent the day in the world of 15 years-old. Surprisingly it’s not that is not that different from being 25! More braces, pimpels, giggling and breaking voices, but the boys and girls were tumbling with issues myself and most people I know are still boxing with. Themes as: to fit in, to be a part of something bigger and to find your path in life, might be stuff we deal with our whole life, no?

As a recent member of the STAGIS crew, I’ve been starting something new like the the young people I interviewed at Kastanievej. And I guess that the feeling was basically the same as when I started elementary school at the age of six: anxious to part of something unknown and with a hope that it would be jolly and worth-while experience!


Two girls I interviewed at Kastanievej efterskole. Frida og Silje.

STAGIS did Kastanievejs website almost 8 years ago, and the young applicants for the school still find it cool, Dorthe (the principal) told me. And 15 years-old can be a tough crowd to please regarding to the web!