Be Authentic


This year Stagis decided to do a christmas present for our clients, collaborators and friends. As previous years we wanted to do a nice notebook. As we worked on the concept our focus was to emphasize the principles of authenticity though the design and the contents. Therefore we made a book with tree different sections. One for each dimension authenticity can be measured according to the method Nikolaj Stagis developed. The principles of the method is used in our daily work to help companies see, live and express the authentic strengths of the organization.

The Three dimensions of the book “Be Autentic”

Image Authenticity: Part One is an introducing article on authenticity: “Authentic Companies are the Winners of tomorrow”. Artikkel


Reflexive Authenticity: Part two is the notebook. Blank pages where you can write your thoughts for actions. Notes_2


History and heritage authenticity: Part three is the visual history of Stagis 2007. Moblog images from the year that past, photographed by the Stagis team documenting projects, people, collaborations, social life and more. Avis_2