A good day, looking for talent


We’re looking for talent. We need a production manager, a person who wants to be in charge of the overall production planning and budgetting of our ongoing projects as well as coordinating a number of freelancers, suppliers and production companies that are involved in the execution of our projects. I’m imagining a project coordinator, production manager or project manager that has knowledge and experience from the fields of design, advertising, digital media production or business research. If you know anyone who would fit the description and would want to work with these responsibilities, let them know. I’d be much obliged! There’s a Danish description in this blog-post. Thanks to everyone who’s looking out and emailing friends and colleagues to find a good spirit for us!

Anne showed quite a strike of genious today. Either that, or plain hard work. A combination, I suppose. On her screen I saw a proposition for a new logotype for STAGIS. We’ve vowed to finish a new graphic identity and a new stagis.com website during april as we’ve focused our strategy and want our visual identity to express where we’re at. I didn’t take pictures of it but I’m sure we’ll soon be revealing our new brand. One of the things that has really been missing in our website are examples of projects we’ve done and the new site is going to present a handful of cases which I’m really excited to hear what you’ll think about.

I received an insane amount of emails today. Two of them were particularly interesting, carrying kind messages from extremely talented people. Mr. Alberto Alessi of Alessi invited me to come talk at the headquarters in Crusinallo, Italy. And René Redzepi, one of the finest and most creative chefs of our time and certainly of our nation agreed to discuss the authenticity of Noma which I can warmly recommend if you have hunger for food – especially food for thought.

Speaking of talent, I just saw – or rather heard, I should say – Teitur wander off the small podium of the Danish tv program Den 11. time (The Elleventh Hour) to sit down at the piano starting “The Singer” acapella just to arrive perfectly in key with the piano two bars later. Not only is he gifted with the talent of writing and singing. He is blessed with absolute pitch. I’m not sure if I have the talent and wonder if absolute pitch is something you can gain by training? For now, I’ll start by getting the new album. Check it out.