New identity comming soon…




Since January this year we have worked on a project for Femmøller

Efterskole. We are helping Femmøller developing their new identity.

During the process we have been doing a smaller authenticity study,

talking to students about the characteristics of the school and

developed a concept for their new identity. Last Friday I went to

Djursland, where Femmøller is located, to present graphic suggestions

for their new identity. I had a very nice meeting with 3 teachers: Eva,

Kasper and Thomas and the principal Heine. Later this week I will post

Femmøller’s choice of graphic style – for now you can tjeck out their

website and old graphics imagining what the result might be:)

Above: This is the old logo referring to the name "Five Mill’s" (directly translated) and the old letterhead.

Below: Two students we interviewed during the identity study.