is out in beta version with 5 case stories



During the past five or six months we’ve been working on the design and creation of a new website for Stagis as a part of our new corporate identity. Anne and I designed a new logo that was finalized in the beginning of June. And we’ve had a bunch of brave clients of ours commit themselves to interviews about projects they’ve made with us in order to make up for the lacking examples of our process on the website.


So now we’ve launched a website in beta-mode which will be finalized (if a website will ever be?) during the next month or so. You can take a look at it on Sofar it’s only in Danish as our main focus during the next year will be our home market defined in geographic terms. But soon there will be an English version as well. If you want to know what it says and you can’t read Danish, call or email us any time!

I want to thank the fantastic people who agreed to speak for themselves and for us on the website. I have been utterly impressed with the willingness that I’ve met from the people that we asked to join us for a handful of films on the new site. These people are: Birgitte Gade from Novozymes, John Tønnes from Nordisk Film Biografer, Lars Hargaard from OKI Printing Solutions and John Sørensen from Movia. And then of course my dear colleague Anne Schourup-Kristensen who’s done a lot of designwork on several of the cases but who is only participating in the presentation of one case, our solution for Novozymes. Obviously, I’m trying to explain everything I can possibly think of in all these films which has certainly been a learning experience. There’s a big difference between telling someone what to do in front of the camera and standing there yourself.

Well, I hope you enjoy them. We are certainly all enjoying that we can now point to a bunch of cases that gives anyone who’s interested in knowing more, an idea of what Stagis does. Check it out and let me or anyone know what you think!

Let me finish of by giving you one example right here. I love all of the five case stories in each their way (actually the uniqueness of each project we do is one of the things I love about my work – there hasn’t been two similar projects during my entire career!). Here is a rather colourful project we did with OKI two years ago, which Lars and I explain here:

You can see the rest of the case stories on the new site or on our Youtube channel.