‘Consume’ – for women who want more than just beauty and fashion!


Yesterday I read an interesting article at ’markedsforing.dk’. It was about a group of young woman, who have decided to start an abnormal women magazine. The magazine is called ’Consume’ and is about women’s real needs. Or, the needs that have been suppressed by all the other women magazines, like Sirene, Bazar, Costume, Eurowoman and Q magazine.

The founder of ‘Consume’, a young RUC student at my own age, was basically just tired of the fact, that women magazines every month have the same beauty and fashion related headlines. For instance, in June 2008, Eurowoman had the headline saying: ’60 hot tips to everything you have to see, listen to and wear this summer’?
On the cover of the same magazine for men, Euroman, the headline was a bit different: ‘Lars Lykke Rasmussen – Demarks next prime minister?’

It gave my something to think about, although I don’t buy magazines very often. It only happens when I’m really bored! So why do I buy them, when all I feel afterwards is a huge loss of my money to something totally unnecessary?

Why is women thought of, as the gender with an enormous desire to buy things that are related to their looks only? And why are men thought of as the gender, who is interested in both politics along with fashion and their looks? Can’t women do both? Or am I just naive, thinking that this is a great opportunity to show both men and women, that we actually care and wish for the same things, when we buy a magazine…

Is ‘Consume’ just another women magazine that’ll live a few months before the hype takes of, and the consumerist women long for fashion and beauty tips again? Or is this the start of a new beginning for women magazines with articles that has a deeper meaning and articles that reaches far away from women as the consumerist, beauty and fashion related gender?

I think, that my need for women magazines is rooted in a need for a break in my everyday life. As I wrote before, I typically buy the magazines when I’m bored or need a break, and the outcome of my reading is nothing. I have always read the article once before, or at least a really similar one. So I’m wondering what my need for an ordinary fashion and beauty magazine is. At the same time I feel that I get all of my intellectual stimulating from reading newspapers on the Internet, or if I want it to be even more specific to my educational subjects communication or psychology, I read books about that specific subject.

Maybe I really don’t need ‘Consume’ because I find my interesting articles elsewhere, and maybe when I by a women magazine, it’s because I know it’s just a waste of time – a waste of time, that I’m aware of. A women magazine is just a break for me, when I’m not reading anything interesting. And maybe it’s the same for all the other women, who month after month by Sirene, Woman or Eurowoman. And who says that a women magazine should fulfil all your needs in terms of politics, beauty, fashion and interior decorating. I know, that when I by a women magazine, it’s just a waste of time, but a nice relaxing waste of time.