7 Habits


Yesterday I was invited to hear Dr. Stephen R. Covey talk at Gyldendal Business. Apparently I am one of the few who haven’t read his bestselling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, which have sold 15 million copies worldwide. Besides Dr. Covey, Nina Kenny, Director of Leadership, FranklinCovey Nordic Approch and Lea Hamburger, HR-director at AP Pension talked about how they have integrated with the AP Pension organisation. It was very interesting to hear about their work, and how it is another way to find the culture in their organisation. They learned that it’s not about an “I” culture, they had a “We” culture in AP Pension. They now have a common language and reference point in their every day work life. I think this could be a way, to work with an organisations authenticity inside the organisation. Any experience out there? But I first have to read the book.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey talked a lot about how we can improve our life with the seven habits. My first thought was that these habits was very old, and properly was out of date. But I don’t think they are. As I see it, we face more changes and difficult challengers in our every day life. We now need more habits like Dr. Coveys. As he said, these habits aren’t his idea. They are built on universal principles and are according to him timeless.
What I learned from hearing him was to think about my priorities in my life. I need to do the things I like and the things, which inspire me. In my work here at Stagis it’s important to learn how to priorities my different assignments. The important things comes first, and not always the urgent things. I hope this will help my work, and as a bonus will help me in my work with co-workers and all of our clients.

How do you priorities your work, and do you feel it affect your everyday life?