OKI New Designer Award



This morning I was visiting Mediehøjskolen in Copenhagen as one of our clients, OKI Printing Solutions, is honoring the best conceptual design proposal from nine groups of students participating in the ‘OKI New Designer Award’. The students have had about six weeks to find a real or imaginary company which they would develop a creative marketing solution in which an OKI printer would be the only means of production. OKI asked me to participate in the jury and evaluate the work done by the students.


The project is a collaboration between the design school and OKI and serves as a good example of creating presence with a core audience while promoting the product and even collaborating on the uses of the product. The students had certainly been trying out every boundary of the printers’ technical limits. One team had designed an egg tray that could be collected from one piece of paper. Two girls had even gotten the colour laser printer to print greetings on ribbons for wrapping little customized chocolate boxes. Another team was developing creative uses of paper and the printer for architects. All very creative and really putting the printer to use in new personified and customized ways – well done, everyone!


On Friday the winning team will be announced at Skt. Petri Hotel in Copenhagen and they will receive the award. I’m looking forward to ending the week with all these creative people!