New course in Helsingør Municipality


At the moment we are doing an ongoing project for the Health & Social Welfare department in Helsingør Municipality. It is an internal project, focused towards all the leaders in the health institutions in Helsingør. The project is about communicating themes and values for the next two years of internal strategy development. In the first part of the project we did a concept that included a personal handbook for each leader and a poster for the different departments in the department.
The book is shaped as a logbook, as Helsingør is a municipality with a maritime tradition, and as the strategy project is about a new ‘course’ in the department. In the book the strategic activities and deadlines for the next two years is chronological described, and there is room for the leader’s individual notes.
The concept also included a poster to hang in the different departments to remind the employers about the strategy project. There will be more activities during the spring, and I am just about to do some case-photos of the logbook, and I will post the result next week when I have some nice shots. For now you can enjoy the first poster part of the project.

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