Busdrivers with character – the authentic strength of the bus industry


Today we delivered three films about the busdrivers of Greater Copenhagen. Anne and I presented the design of a new website which is part of a large project about the image and reputation of the experience of taking the bus in Copenhagen as well as the public image of the job as a busdriver. Part of the website consists of three documentary-style films with busdrivers telling about the job and why they love it. 

Not many people dream of becoming a busdriver these days as a study we conducted in the spring of 2008 showed all too clearly. But the industry has large potentials that could be put to great use for all of us. One of the interesting findings of the anthropological study was the fact that many passengers (we are starting to call them 'customers' in the industry now) define their experience depending on the interaction with the driver. As the study mentioned in one conclusion about the drivers the good experience in the bus is defined by the interaction with other passengers as well as the driver who is even described as the 'dj' setting the mood and the soundtrack of the trip. 

After the involved eight companies had sent a number of their best drivers to visit us for interviews, my colleague Thit cast three busdrivers who will be representing the involved, enthusiastic, proud busdrivers of the public transportation. We call them 'Busdrivers with character'. It refers to the personality and nature of each busdriver, promoting that they be who they really are, at the same time balancing the professional involvement, knowing what to do in each and every situation during the shift. We already got lots of positive feedback even though the project is still in it's first phase. It is quite large in scale and involves 10 organizations and more than 3.500 busdrivers and several hundred administrative colleagues and leaders across the industry.

Here is the youngest of the participants. Sezgin is his name. A 24 year old bus driver with 11 months of tenure. I find him more and more charming each time I see the film. I hope you will enjoy it – and be effected by his enthusiasm and character!

You can see the other films and many more on our Youtube Channel