Value creation at the corporate museums


I spend most of the day with Marco Montemaggi, vicepresident of Museimpresa, the association of corporate museums of Italy. Companies like Ferrari, Ducati, Piaggio, Alessi and more than 40 others all have museums celebrating the culture and heritage of the company. Marco was one of the main forces behind the Ducati Museum founded in 1996. During the last years he has been consulting a number of companies and teaches at Alma Graduate School, a part of Bologna University.

I wanted to meet with Marco as he has been specializing in structuring and creating expressions of the heritage of companies. He talks (and writes) of four ways of using corporate museums:

1. Conservatory
2. Display
3. Valorization (utilization)
4. Cultural identity networking

The utilization and value-creation of the corporate museums are very different. Some have rebuilt a little part of every store around the world into a small museum, carrying the heritage into every outlet around the world. Others have huge museums that are primarily used internally (like Alessi and LEGO). Yet others, primarily american, see their museum as a direct source of income and sell tickets. Ferrari uses this model.

One or two of the last chapters in my book will be on corporate museums. At this point I think one will be on the internal effects and one on the external and image-creating effects.