Catch the flu with Google and watch TED

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One of the very cool things aout the web is when people figure out new ways of using material or information that's already out there. Google Flu is one of those great ideas. As more people use words related to flu when they are getting it, Google can predict quite well if the flu is catching on in an area. Unfortunately it only works in the States sofar. Right now the risk of catching the flu is high in Oregon, for instance. Check it out: Google Flu.

Should you be unfortunate enough to catch it, click on to TED, the yearly event spreading some of the best contemporary ideas through a number of brief talks by smart people from every thinkable field. Bill Gates released moscitos from the stage, talking about Malaria and Danish Bjørn Lomborg (whom I met twice, once when I was 12 and then two years ago going home from a concert – the first meeting was a bigger succes…) talking about the worlds 10 big challenges and how they can be prioritized.