Are you ever to cool for school?



 …no you are not! Not even after many years of experience as a leader on the job market. There are always new ways of thinking about management and new perspectives on leadership.

At the moment we are working on a project for Copenhagen Business School’s master program Master of Management Development (MMD). We want to inform potential candidates about their options of further schooling and aims to create awareness of the MMD programme. We want to spread the word – but how?

Our PR project for the MMD program has already shown great results. Two articles were featured in two of the Danish daily media: Politiken and Børsen. Both articles focus on the job swops between the MMD participants. Politiken wrote about the Principal from Skovshoved Skole who spends a week behind a desk in the National Board of Industrial Injuries, while Børsen wrote about the Captain from Danish Defense Personnel Organization who exchanged his job with a Partner from Deloitte. The whole idea of these swops is to give the participants an insight in other organizations and different leadership methods. MMD is doing well in the media, and other articles are in the making.

We have also produced four video podcasts with professors for the MMD website. The professors reflect on what they see as good leadership. One of the podcasts are already now available on the website… here is a little preview with professor Kristian Kreiner.