Less and more


The design ethos of Dieter Rams. The German industrial

designer, closely associated with the consumer electronics manufacturer Braun,

where he was lead designer 1955-1995. I recently visited London Designmuseum

and the exhibition of Rams' landmark designs for Braun and furniture

manufacturer Vitsæ. For over 40 years he influenced the product range of Braun,

and when you experience the pieces side by side, its absolutely impressive how

he managed to keep a strict design aesthetic, thats clearly linked in the

approach and result throughout the many pieces. Beside from a very nice and

well integrated exhibition design, I found it quite inspiring to discover his

work again. Even though I know the pieces, they are a bit retro, but nice, I'ts

rediscovered in a new point of view. I didn't have the energy to through the

'Brit insurance designs of the year 2010' on the floor below the Rams

exhibition. It just seemed to busy and colorful for the state of mind you

obtain by spending some time with Rams. And I really enjoy how design can bring

this feeling forward. And I guess thats why many argue that Jonathan Ive is a lot ispired by Rams.

 Here's a few statements from the exhibition that i found

interesting and typical for the experience i had.