Trade union crisis makes organisations look inside themselves


‘The crisis makes the trade union look inside’. An article on the website of Danish trade union FTF is concerned with the organizational crisis of their market: the members of the trade and labour unions are fleeing. They interviewed me to get a perspective of possible solutions in regard to maintain existing members and attracting new ones. It seems that the unions are not as attractive as they used to be. There is a sense of a lack of purpose. The financial and economic crisis may have helped a bit as people felt insecure about jobs, economy and day-to-day life. But when things get better financially what will the unions bring about that really inspires people to join and participate? What is the movement about?

The unions – like all organizations facing a crisis – will have to look inward to find their authentic strengths and they will have to make a strategic selection as to which beliefs and competencies they will pursue and which will have to be left behind.

Article in Danish – read it on the FTF website.