Stagis Turns 15 and Welcomes New Members of the Family


This summer our new design director, Christian Leifelt, joined the team. Christian is an experienced graphic designer, art director and artist, who has been specializing in developing visual identity for the past 15 years. After receiving his degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he joined renowned design firm Kontrapunkt, specializing in graphic design and working on projects for organizations such as Microsoft and The Danish Ministry of Defence and later started his own design studio, combining design work with art projects and exhibitions. One of the later projects was the visual identity for Kulturværftet, the new cultural centre of Elsinore. We’re excited to have Christian on the team and look forward to presenting a new corporate website for Stagis by the end of this year, designed as a collaboration of Anne and Christian.

Another new face in the office this summer is executive assistant, Kristoffer Schou, who joined us in the beginning of September. Kristoffer holds a masters in philosophy and international marketing management from Copenhagen Business School and has been working with such varied ventures as IT companies, wind turbine project and an art institute, promoting art publications. He is now in charge of the talks and conferences we are involved in, the translation and international publication of my book “The Authentic Company” and helps running the day-to-day business of Stagis, especially helping out with strategic projects.

There is one other new member of the extended Stagis family on it’s way. Our highly esteemed designer, Anne Schourup-Kristensen, who has been working at Stagis since 2006, just started her maternity leave last week as she and her boyfriend Kent is becoming a family of three very soon. We are looking forward to hear if it’s a boy or a girl very soon and we look forward to having Anne back in the office next summer.

Stagis is growing up – 15th anniversary
The Stagis company is certainly no baby any more – this year the company has been in business for 15 years, and is well on it’s way to becoming an adult with a character and life of it’s own. Still too young to marry, but old enough to compete with the old boys of the business, I’d say that we “punch above our weight”, as president Obamas phrases it. For me it’s hard to grasp that the business I started in my home in Odense and moved into a small space that same year has now been running for 15 years, since 1997, now in the third office that we’ve had. Next month we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Stagis. Kristoffer, Esben and Christian is planning that and we will be sending out invitations to new and old business relations and friends very soon. I hope to see many faces visiting our office when we open doors to celebrate 15 years of business at the end of November!

New ambitions for the New Year
As we want both our clients and Stagis to grow during the next years, I’m starting several initiatives to develop a business with even more skills and more competencies. During the coming weeks we will start searching for a senior strategist who will also be in charge of operations in our Copenhagen office. I expect to have our new business strategist and COO in place sometime during the first quarter of 2013. I’ll make sure you hear more about that during November and December as we start preparing for a new year with lots of ambitions and actions to make both mine and the team members dreams about the future come true.

Over the past months we’ve spent a lot of time in the city of Kolding, as we are assisting the municipal authorities developing a new vision for the municipality. In 2013 I expect to work more with city branding and place branding as well as new commercial clients who wish to focus their business strategy and the identity of the company in order to drive the business and their growth further.