One man, 366 logos…


Last year on New Year’s day 2012, a creative Swede decided to challenge himself by forming visual facelifts to logos of numerous renowned brands.

Inspired by a photographer, who photographed himself every day during a one-year period, Frederik Lundwall, designer and creative director, decided to reconstruct an existing brand logo each day throughout 2012. To make the challenge even harder Frederik set up a short time limit for his work, allowing him to use only one hour a day modifying the logos.

In the name of sharing, Lundwall has provided 366 companies and brands with a new perspective on their logos. All they have to do is visit Frederik’s website. I admire Frederik’s graphical work; especially the rework on Hestra, KPMG and Boxer, and the re-creations has surely drawn attention to Frederik and his work. The question that pops up in my mind is, to what extent these companies, if it was in their interest, could take the new logos to heart?  A company logo contains so much more than the visual identity, so how straightforward is it to change the logo of a company or brand over night? What do you think?

Our logo didn’t come across Frederik’s creative hands, and despite the risk of bringing our designers on my neck, I gave myself the Lundwall-challenge, and here is my shot on how the makeover of the Stagis logo could have turned out.


Now what did I learn from the Lundwall-challenge? Well, one thing’s for sure. Setting up a one-hour time limit on creative work will, from time to time or at least in my case, have an impact on the final result…