New CVI reflects ambitions and a world of dilemmas



CBS master programme Master of Public Administration (MPA) contacted Stagis because they needed a new, more clear and modern corporate visual identity.

The programme targets ambitious leaders in the public sector, who acts in a complex reality. This requires a complex set of tools, which MPA offers their participants.

Management with a wide perspective
MPA participants and public leaders in general deal with a wide range of challenges in an everyday, where there is no black or white. There is a constant presence of dilemmas to deal with and rarely no right answers.

Demands for results are constantly growing, while savings in the public sector are constantly launched. The participants of MPA are required to have a wide perspective, strategic skills at the highest level –  and most important the wish to make a change in this world.

Stagis developed a new visual identity using a clear blue colour as a base. The colour signals ambitions and a “business” mindset.

We used the dilemmas from the present public debate as platform for the campaign. The campaigns display issues from the public sector seen from different angles, and they invite for further discussion.
The blue MPA universe presents a world of dilemmas, where one object can be interpreted in two very different ways. E.g. the baby pig which can be read as a source of pollution or a source for job creation depending on the eye that sees.  

Public leaders are a very diverse target group, and the illustrations invite the leaders to reflect over what they see. E.g. the brick illustration can be perceived as potential trouble at Nørrebro if you are a police officer – or it can be seen as building material for city renewal if you work within the construction and engineering management.
The new campaign for MPA presents the dilemmas of the public sector and shows the faces of the many enthusiastic leaders. Many of these leaders use their ambition to try and create a better future for the public Denmark.

1981 Logo

The new identity encourages the public leaders to use their own ambitions to lead the way and create a new and better future for the public Denmark. This is boiled down in our suggestion for a new pay off called: Din Ambition. Danmarks fremtid. (“your ambition – the future of Denmark”).

1981 Typo

Stagis har udviklet ny corporate visual identity (CVI) for masterprogrammet Master of Public Administration på CBS. Masteren er målrettet ambitiøse offentlige ledere, som ønsker at gøre en forskel for samfundet. Vi byggede et blåt univers op, hvor illustrationer, som kan forstås på to vidt forskellige måder, er centrale elementer. Fx baby-grisen, som både kan være kilde til forurening, men også kan være en jobskaber.