Stagis helps Hedeselskabet with purpose and identity


This summer could not end in a better way here at Stagis. We have won the task to help Hedeselskabet create and develop their purpose and new identity. This means, that we will be spending a great deal of this fall and the next year working with Hedeselskabet, a very unique organization with more than 100 years of history.

Hedeselskabet is one of those special organizations, that has proven successful in surviving their own purpose. Hedeselskabet was originally established to recover heathland and convert it into agriculture. The situation for agriculture in Denmark has changed during the lifetime of Hedeselskabet and so has the purpose of the organization. We will help Hedeselskabet identify and establish their new purpose and identity, and to make this more clear both internally and externally. The new identity and purpose will help modernize the association and business and lay the ground for a visual identity and branding of Hedeselskabet.

Branding an untraditional organization
Hedeselskabet is an indeed interesting and untraditional organization. It has a long tradition for implementing and supporting development and research projects within the areas of nature, environment and energy. Hedeselskabet works actively with the improvements of the living conditions in the country areas and to make effectively use of the natural resources. Hedeselskabet also runs commerciel business through a number of subsidiaries.

The journey towards a new purpose and identity has already started. Our team of anthropologists and consultants are right now travelling through the Danish country to explore the strengths and potentials of Hedeselskabet, which will lay the ground for the identity process. We examine the history, the organizational culture and uncover the strengths and potentials of the organization which can be developed in new and more useful ways.

Mapping the authentic identity

Stagis’ team is mapping the authentic identity of Hedeselskabet through ethnographic method and antroprological observation and interviews with different members and employees, which together with analysis of documents and litterature about Hedeselskabet contribute to a clear picture of what the authentic strengths of the organization are.

When the authentic identity of Hedeselskabet is clear the work begins with creating Hedeselskabet’s new brand. This brand strategy will set the direction for the visual identity and all Hedeselskabet’s communication. This implies development of characteristics for the new identity, architecture of the brand and a new designguide for the new visual identity.

Relaunch of journal and new digital strategy
There are many exciting projects in pipeline. One important channel for Hedeselskabet’s communication to its members is the journal called Vækst. Vækst needs to support and expand the understanding and awareness of the organization and its purpose. A reinterpretation and relaunching of Vækst, both on the editorial part and the design part must make it fulfill its potential as communication channel.

Hedeselskabet is – as many other companies and organizations – taking the first steps into a new chapter, where dissemination, communications and communities are digital. Hedeselskabet needs a digital strategy to ensure targeting the relevant platforms for communicating, debate and sharing their knowledge through the internet and interactive and living platforms for dissemination.

We are looking very much forward to all these exciting projects with Hedeselskabet and you can follow our work here at Stagis blog.

Som en god afslutning på denne sommer vandt Stagis opgaven at skulle hjælpe Hedeselskabet med at udvikle deres nye identitet. Det betyder, at en del af vores team vil tilbringe en stor del af resten af året med arbejdet med denne spændende organisation og forening og deres mere end 100 års historie, hvilket vi ser meget frem til. Vi glæder os til at udforske Hedeselskabet og udvikle organisationens nye identitet.

Opgaven er at undersøge Hedeselskabets autentiske styrker for at kunne kortlægge organisationens autentiske identitet og udvikle dens nye purpose, som er det, der skal danne grundlag for opbygningen af brandet. Som første step på rejsen mod Hedeselskabets nye identitet, er vores antropologer og konsulenter taget ud i det danske land for at møde medlemmer og tilknyttede til organisationen, for at se og høre om Hedeselskabet.

Vi ser frem til at finde ud af, hvad observationer og interviews bringer med sig af indsigt i den unikke gamle organisation, som kan danne grundlag for organisationens nye identitet og purpose. Følg med i arbejdet med identitetsprocessen over de næste par måneder her på bloggen.