When UngKom came to Stagis


Last Wednesday, UngKom (meaning: Young communicators) guested Stagis. The association is the youth division of the Kommunikationsforeningen (the association for communicators). UngKom had arranged a BureauCrawl (agency crawl), which entailed visiting two other agencies, before finishing of at Stagis.

Nikolaj Stagis used the opportunity to share his thoughts on the day-to-day life in an agency and Stagis’ branding methodology. Nikolaj talked about past and current clients, and he shared some of the secrets of the trade.

The rest of us pitched in, giving our individual take on what it takes to work in the industry. Since the participants were all students, a particular focus was given to the role of the intern, who (naturally) lauded the experience of interning at Stagis.

We spent the better part of the evening in the company of the aspiring communicators and have the pictures to prove it. We hope to repeat the success next year.

UngKom, ungdomsafdelingen af Kommunikationsforeningen, var på BureauCrawl. I den forbindelse lagde de vej forbi Stagis, der underholdte med indsigt i bureaulivet. Derefter diskede Stagis op med tapas, øl og networking. Vi håber at gentage succesen til næste år.