The season for rethinking the annual report?


The season for annual reports is just around the corner, and maybe it´s time to rethink the starting point and value creation of your companys annual report? The annual report is a unique opportunity to communicate values both internally and externally – an opportunity to tell the story of the brand.

Developing a new identity for Hedeselskabet

After 149 years of doing business the top management of Hedeselskabet wanted to redefine the companys brand identity. But how do you balance a legacy that has become part of Danish national history with modern business innovation? We delivered a new purpose and visual brand that now creates value in an increasingly digital, collaborative society. The new brand supports the subsidiary businesses of the Hedeselskabet group through a clear brand strategy, a new visual concept and a new digital solution.

As a part of this ambitious endeavour, we developed the anual report for Hedeselskabet with the new purpose and corporate visual identity clear in mind. This resulted in an annual report communicating the values of Hedeselskabet not just textually, but visually as well.


A strong connection to nature


The identity of Hedeselskabet comes to life in the annual report. The strong connection to nature and the environment is visualized through natural elements and the purpose of the brand is showed, not just told. Through scientific research, development and dissemination within the field of nature management, environmental and energy solutions Hedeselskabet is working actively with improving the living conditions in the rural areas as well as urban environments and sharing knowledge with experts and practitioners.

The annual report communicates this through elements with strong, elegant references to nature: Throughout the report pictures of nature and the actual people who work in it are presented side by side with info-graphics communicating information with visual references to trees, birds, the blue sky and the development nature undergoes.


Communicating numbers as well as purpose

Pictures of nature, both in micro and macro, shows the different levels that Hedeselskabet work on in order to maintain their purpose and continuously build bridge between those working with and in nature. The colors represent the typical feeling in the Danish woods, reminding the reader of he work of Hedeselskabet while actual trees are growing out of the statistics, showing that Hedeselskabet creates growth both for those working with nature, and in nature, as well. The sense of the companys purpose and reason to exist is not only expressed formally but also emotionally – a function of the annual report which is not always utilized.