Identity for a brand with a conscience: Medinge Group


Medinge Group is a nonprofit think tank of brand experts and visionaries from all around the world. The purpose of the Group is to influence business to become more humane and conscious in order to help humanity progress and prosper.

The belief of the think tank is that organisations have a broad responsibility to all their stakeholders and their argument is that a brand is created together with others for the benefit of the organization, its stakeholders and society.

What they do
The Medinge Group meets twice a year to share ideas, concepts and real world experiences; to continually learn and refresh their thinking; and to generate meaningful initiatives to transform the way organisations think and act. Participation is at the heart of what the group does. They generate, share and promote ideas, best practices, and new ways of being. Usually, the group meets in Paris or Madrid in January and in Sweden in August.

A few years ago Nikolaj Stagis became a member of the Medinge Group. He also gave a talk together with several other members of the group at ESADE in Barcelona. You can see it on video on

Developing Medinge Groups new logo
We wanted to design a new and modern logo but we also wanted to keep a link to the old logo and the history behind the think tank. We kept the green color, the circle and the drawing of the column and created a simple shape that connected the green circle with the column. The column symbolises wisdom, knowledge and is also a part of the main building at Medinge Säteri where the terrace facing the garden is pictured in the old logo. The green circle is a good expression of the earth and the green environment, reminding us that we need to be responsible, conscious and think of others as well as the future of our planet.

The shape of the column has the shape of the letter ‘M’ which stands for Medinge. We also changed the name from ‘The Medinge Group’ to ‘Medinge Group’, to make it shorter expressing a more simple and clean feel also emphasizing the message of the organsisation.


The graphic consists of trees made from circles or small dots.  This is to create a link to the logo and the values of the think tank. Looking closely it will appear as dots, but if you look at a distance you will see the image of a tree becoming more visible. This is implemented as a reference to seeing the bigger picture. Different trees are used to symbolize individuals, life that needs to be treated with respect and to evoke ones consciousness. The tree also refers to the surroundings of Medinge Group’s initial inspiration for the name, the Medinge Säteri in Sweden.


Green colors, organic graphics, and eco-conscious material together with Medinge Group’s own quotes, defining what a human and conscious brand does, to give the feeling of what is at the heart of Medinge Group: conscience and responsibility.



To show that Medinge Group is a brand with a conscience we used recycled, environmentally friendly paper and an opensource font.



We used some of Medinge Group’s own quotes on the leaflets, envelopes, and on media surfaces made from environmentally friendly material in general to enhance the message, and to show what Medinge Group stands for.



Read more about Medinge Group’s work and who they are at Medinge Group’s website

Medinge Group publishes new book
The Medinge Group is currently working on its second book, ‘Brands with a Conscience’ to be published by Kogan Page on the 3rd March 2016. In the new book our CEO Nikolaj Stagis has contributed with a chapter about city branding, which is just one of the inspiring and interesting topics of the book.

You can already pre-order the book now from and we’ll make sure to let you know more about the launch of the book which is happening in Amsterdam on April 1 this spring.