Smooth Operator — Meet Katrine

Katrine Buxbom

Welcome to Katrine Buxbom, our new Project Coordinator and the latest addition to our team. Katrine has a background in the TV industry and has helped ensure smooth executions of productions such as Eurovision and the daily morning show Go’ Morgen Danmark.

Katrine favors following projects and productions from development and nurturing them until they finally come to fruition. She will, among other things, help coordinate this falls many events like the conferences organized in collaboration with Medinge Group, our place branding conference in 2017 and our ongoing series of Re:garding meetings. Apart from helping organize events Katrine will also help coordinate productions. With several new clients on the horizon, we know we’re going to appreciate having her well-structured mind around.

Katrine has an academic background in Media Production Management from the Danish School of Media and Journalism as well as a degree in marketing management. We’re very much looking forward to working with her.