Does a fancy title improve your credibility?


During the past couple of weeks, I´ve been calling a lot of different companies to talk to the person responsible of human resources. Usually that would be a HR manager or perhaps even a president of human resources. But sometimes in my way through the corporate world I encounter some cool titles.
How would you like to be called "President for people and culture", as one guy I talked to? Or how about "Master of Laws" (my personal favorite)? But gives a fancy, long title more credability to you as a person? I tend to think so. Perhaps I´m just an easy target, but I find it a bit intimidating to call up a chief executive officer (officers – shouldn´t they be in the army), and ask for a minute of their busy day.
But when I come to think of it, top corporate leaders aren´t the only ones with long impenetrable titels.
My own academic title is ba.scient soc., stud. komm., and my colleague Amanda Karlsson is, stud media. I´m not sure, that these titles give us any edge in this business, but they´re definetly long!
I would love to hear your opinion on this topic – do you have an impressive titel, or do you know anyone that does?

Please feel free to join this undoubtedly heated debate!