City Council of Kolding chooses Stagis to lead vision process


I’m proud to announce that Stagis has been chosen to help the city council of Kolding develop the new vision for the city. Just four weeks ago our project manager Louise and communication designer Anne and myself described the process we think will help Kolding develop a new vision. At that point 34 companies were competing to become advisor for the city of Kolding. Just three of them were lucky enough to present their process to the members of the city council and yesterday I got news that Stagis will be working on the project which aims to set a new future vision for the city and the region in order to advance development and the image and reputation of the city and region.

Kolding is the seventh greatest city of Denmark with a population of some 57.000 citizens. “Koldinghus” is probably the most famous landmark of the city and for me Kolding has always been closely connected to the Kolding School of Design.

In today’s press release Mayor Jørn Pedersen states that “… the Municipality of Kolding is at a crossroads. We are to take some important choices and therefore the work with a new vision has great importance not only to the city council but to the entire community.” And later on: “I’m very happy that we are getting Stagis as advisor and partner. First of all it pleases me that a unanimous finance committee chose Stagis. The wide agreement sets good promises for the entire process. Secondly, I’m pleased that the city council is not just talking about design, we are actually putting our words into action. We choose to work with a company that has a strong design profile and actively uses design thinking as a tool in their work,” says Jørn Pedersen.

Both I and my colleagues are really pleased with the new venture – the first process of developing a new vision for the city of Kolding is expected to take about six months and involve city officials, educational and cultural institutions, local companies and – first of all – the citizens of Kolding.

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