Truly an authentic position


Casper Vorting does something nobody else does. He produces beer the old fashioned way. Boegedal Brewery (Bøgedal Bryghus) produces beer without the use of pumps or thermostats of any kind. Casper uses original recipes from the 18th centrury and brews his beer using methods dating more than 100 years back. Even the location is a farmstend from the 1840’s. All these factors establishes Boegedal’s authentic position. Everything is done by hand and every brew is unique, when Casper mixes the ingredients by heart.

Boegedal Brewery is an excellent example of a small company that has positioned itself on the basis of the tradition of the craft and the producers own personal history, its dissociation with the market and the high level of personal presence. The marketing strategy is also different from other brands, as bottles are sold only through the best restaurants in Denmark and internationally, and through exclusive wine merchants. Meet Casper Vorting in this film or at the conference at ARoS on May 24.

If you didn’t have a chance to join us at the book conference “Den autentiske virksomhed” in February you’ll have a chance to discover some of the ideas on video – here is Casper Vortings talk:

Det autentiske bryg – med Casper Vorting fra Bøgedal Bryghus from Nikolaj Stagis.