City branding conference – building on the authentic strengths of the place


Cities and regions are fighting to define a unique position and stand out in the many claims that all cities and municipalities make. But where do you start? And how does a city create a strong sense of meaning and engagement in the brand of the city? At Stagis we are curious about different methods, ideas and drivers that help cities develop a sense of identity, build new ways of life and create a clear city brand.

On October 30. we are proud to be hosting a Municipality Branding conference where prominent speakers Wally Olins, chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants, Pekka Timonen, chairman of Helsinki Design City, David Zahle, chief architect at BIG and 10 other speakers ranging from academia to brand experts and politicians from around the Danish cities.

We are happy that more than 25 of the 98 Danish Municipalities has already signed up for the conference and the participants are mayors, directors, strategy consultants and communication officers who want to develop and extend the understanding of city branding. Pekka Timonen paid a visit to Stagis together with the mayor of Kotka in Finland, Mr. Henry Liindelöf. We spoke with Pekka Timonen about his experiences with Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 and what we should expect to hear more about at the conference in Børsen, Copenhagen, on October 30th. See the video with Pekka Timonen.

The conference is part Danish, part English, as half of the speakers are Danish and half of them are international experts and researchers. The website is in Danish and you can read more about the program, the lineup and much more on