Stagis launches new visual identity for CBS’ master program MMD


During the last few months Stagis’ team of dedicated graphic designers and I have developed and implemented a new visual identity for MMD (Master of Management Development). This has been an inspiring and challenging process, but we are proud to present the final results.

In order to create a strong identity with a solid strategic basis we initially had to identify and define what makes this master program stand out from the rest. Therefore, the process began with a mapping of MMD’s authentic strengths, where i.e. the new pay-off of MMD was revealed: ‘your develoment. The company’s transformation’. 

During this process, five strengths appeared, which proved to be the defining part of MMD:

–       Analytical and reflective leaders

–       Develop yourself as a leader and human

–       Relational, research-based and active learning

–       Implementation of experiments in practice

–       You learn how to learn

In close collaboration with MMD we chose to focus on the third strength and the concept ‘learning through relationships’. This particular authentic strength directed the further development of the identity, both visually and strategically. Therefore a lot of the graphic material is based on people standing together in small groups – to symbolize ‘learning through relationships’.

As MMD is part of CBS (Copenhagen Business School), we naturally also had to take into account that the visual identity could not vary too much from the standard design guideline of CBS. Thus, there were three main requirements. The visual identity of MMD had to:

–       Reflect the authentic strengths of MMD

–       Be in line with the visual identity of CBS

–       Still be recognizable as MMD

The new identity primarily focuses on and expresses the ability to learn through relationships and the possibilities that lie in exploiting the knowledge that is present in relationships. Therefore, groups of people and processes of interaction is the primary focus of MMD’s new design line, as you can see below:

Find out more about our partnership with MMD at our website