Master of Public Governance: Living the brand


Within the last 12 Months Stagis has been working very intensive with yet another master programme called Master of Public Governance, MPG, at Copenhagen Business School. This master programme is Denmark’s most flexible master for public leaders with more than 600 participants every year. But the flexibility wasn’t that clear to begin with.

We conducted a large mapping exercise of MPG through interviews with program directors, researchers, participants, sponsors a.o. and it became clear that MPG holds unique strenghts within the following:

  1. Flexibility – you can plan and customize your master within your interests
  2. Current and present research-based knowledge of the public sector (cooperation between Copenhagen Business School and University of Copenhagen)
  3. Development of your personal leadership in the interaction between researchers and management consultants

Your plan. Your content. Your Leadership.
Above all MPG is the most flexible master programme in Denmark. The flexibility means that you can conduct your master in two years and up until six years. And you can plan the content of your master to fit your job and every day challenges. After a thorough analysis and development of strategy platform, we developed the following pay off for MPG: Din plan. Dit Indhold. Dit lederskab. (Your plan. Your content. Your Leadership.) Basically saying: It’s all about you.


The pay off ‘Your plan. Your content. Your Leadership.’ (din plan. dit indhold. dit lederskab.) in one of the adds which we developed for MPG in order to show the flexibility of the master programme. The add says that the master programme offers you the ‘more interesting way’.

Don’t tell it – show it
The question was, how can we communicate MPG’s flexibility in time and content? The answer was obvious – show it, don’t tell it. As we recommend all clients: Live your brand in all that you do.

We created a new visual identity with Denmark’s national colour ‘red’ as the carrying element. Within the new visual identity we developed a campaign concept with elements focussing on the MPG’s flexibility as being ‘the more interesting way’ (than just going straight from A to B). Here are two examples of illustrations :

MPG’s flexibility offers ‘the more interesting way’ than just going straight from A to B.

Flexibility in shape, content and form
Furthermore we developed flexible campaign elements which were developed as small adjustable fillers, because they change in shape, content and form to drive traffic to the masterplanner and the new website.

Opposite messages e.g. ‘Accounting & healing’ (Revision & healing) explain the flexibility of the master programme MPG. You are able to get a master and still have a personal life.

The birth of the Masterplanner
One of the central things we recommended MPG was to create a brand new website, the home of all present and future customers – and with a very special feature: a web app which helps you create your personal Masterplan. Let your website visitors know straight away that you are the most flexible master programme targeting all public leaders in Denmark. And the website was born!

We built a brand new website with a strong universe focusing on different MPG participant profiles in pictures and text – we wanted to show the faces and voices of MPG, which are all of Denmark’s public leaders. And we built in a special feature: The Masterplanner, a web app which makes it possible to plan your own personal master programme.

Here is your Masterplan
The central part of the website is the special web app with a drag and drop function which makes it possible to plan your master in a flexible way. The app – and the master programme – is flexible in both time (ie. do your master in 2 – 6 years) and you can chose and pick your own content.
Create your own Masterplan with the web app. Just drag and drop at And when you are done share your masterplan with your boss or perhaps your wife.

Endorsement based on research
We ‘sprinkled’ the website with testimonials, statistics and videos to endorse the master programme targetting both present and future participants and sponsors (the leaders who are granting the master).
Leaders and participants quotes which tells you why you should have a MPG.

Driving traffic
Finally we developed a news letter to drive traffic to the new website. The newsletter has an editorial feel but keep the elements from the website.

Visit, plan your own personal master and meet the other participants.
Master of Public Governance, MPG har som mange andre efteruddannelser brug for et stærkt brand. Og MPG har derfor været igennem en 12 måneders proces med fokus på at lære at se, leve og udtrykke sine autentiske styrker. MPG’s styrker blev afdækket ved en større kortlægning i efteråret, og resultatet var: MPG indeholder særlige styrker i forhold til: Tidsmæssig og indholdsmæssig fleksibilitet, nuværende og aktuel forskning og personlig udvikling. MPG’s payoff blev formuleret således: Din plan. Dit indhold. Dit lederskab. Og fleksibilitet blev valgt som en af de bærende styrker i opbygningen af MPG’s brand. Derfor udtrykkes og leves fleksibiliteten i MPG’s elementer. I deres nye website er indbygget en web widget, hvor man kan planlægge sin egen personlige master. I annoncekampagnerne optræder fleksible ‘fillers’, som ændres i form, placering og indhold. Det personlige lederskab er også fremhævet i websitets og nyhedsbrevets udseende og indhold, hvor du kan møde MPG-deltagerne.