New management trend: Leadership through relations


Stagis has been working with Copenhagen Business School’s master programme Master of Management Development since 2006. The first couple of years we helped MMD improve the basic communications channels e.g. newsletters, website, corporate design, POS-materials, PR, social media, Google Adwords and content marketing. But after a couple of years it was time to introduce yet another way to communicate MMD’s unique perspective on managerial challenges.

MMD hosts large management conferences
What better way to display one of Denmark’s best executive leader programmes than to invite the absolute top of Danish Managers in for a “good old fashion” management conference where MMD can show exactly how the true MMD mindset works. In 2010 we named the first conference Be the Chance, a title which really reflects the essence of MMD; a strong focus on your personal leadership as being the strongest catalysator for change in your organisation.

Quit the KPI driven perspective
One of the authentic strengths of Master of Management Development is to see different perspectives on managerial challenges and to use your own personal leadership and personal relations to drive results – instead of looking through a unilateral KPI driven lens. The title of this years’ conference was obvious: Leadership through relationships.

MMD_Ledelse i Relationer_nyhedsbrev_grafik
MMD had invited four key speakers to reflect on the topic and to challenge the mindset of the participants in order to quit focussing on KPIs and instead look into the opportunities which a strategic approach to relations with consumers, employers, partners etc. presents.

Four speakers reflected on the topic “Leadership through relations”:

  • Jan Molin (founder of the program and CBS dean) talked about his favorite topic: “Leadership is all about relationships” – you can hear Jan Molins presentation as audio (25 min) here.
  • Jane Dutton (Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Psychology, Michigan University) talked about:” How To Be A Positive Leader Through Building High Quality Connections”
  • Majken Schultz (Ph.D. and professor at Copenhagen Business School) talked about: “Co-creation between companies and customers and implications for management”, with the most interesting – and amusing – case studies from LEGO
  • Eva Zeuthen Bentsen (CEO at Gentofte Hospital) talked about how the hospital’s strategy “Well treated” has created great results through relationships

Use your personal leadership and personal relations to drive results
This fall the event was – for the third time – arranged with great succes. 200 Danish leaders found their way to yet another completely sold MMD Management Conference in the beautiful banquet hall at the National Museum.

The topic of this year’s conference was “Leadership through relations” – and the participants were eager to exchange experiences and ideas with the other executives.

A great opportunity to create content
Stagis was on location recording the whole day in order to create small films of each speaker, a vox pop video with the particpants’ reflexions on the day and a short film with highlights of the day. The films are distributed through social media i.e. at MMD’s Facebook site, at MMD’s website and thorugh MMD’s newsletters – so the films will create momentum which lasts for months, maybe years.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 13.46.43_1
See the highlights film from the conference here. Above Majken Schultz is displaying how far LEGO has come with co-creation through consumer involvement. 

MMD presents new knowledge about Danish leaders
To support the topic of the day, we created a small executive survey in order to uncover how Danish managers use and prioritize relations in their daily work. The results stressed the conclusions of the day: Most leaders know that relations are important in order to create development and change, but relations are not prioritized in many organizations.

The topic and the event was furthermore a great opportunity to invite key media to interview selected spakers which resulted in great media coverage in two of Denmark’s largest national dailies.


The national daily Berlingske Tidende printed a large portrait of Jan Molin, founder of MMD in connection to the conference.

s-h Jane Duttonpng
Large interview with key speaker Jane Dutton in the national business daily Børsen.

An event is a wide range of communication opportunities
As you can see a “good old fashion event” is much more than just the actual event taking place. It’s also a wide range of opportunities to tell the world about you and your key messages through marketing, PR, films, surveys, direct mails, newsletters, social media etc. This combined with the strong personal relations you create when meeting with your target audience creates a strong platform for your brand.

Copenhagen Business School er en af Stagis’ ældste kunder, bl.a. med masterprogrammet Master of Management Development, som vi har arbejdet for siden 2006. I 2010 anbefalede vi MMD at afholde en stor ledelseskonference, som efterfølgende er blevet en årligt tilbagevendende begivenhed. I år var teamet “Ledelse gennem relationer” – et tema, der på mange måder udruller essensen af MMD: “Din udvikling. Virksomhedens forvandling”. I år var fire hovedtalere inviteret til at præsentere hvert deres syn på, hvordan relationer kan drive udvikling og resultater. Igen i år var Stagis rykket ud med et større filmhold for at forevige dagens talere, highlights fra dagen og reaktioner fra tilskuere. Ligesom udvalgte medier var inviteret til at lave one-on-one interviews med et par af hovedtalerne. Som noget nyt gennemførte vi også en mindre undersøgelse blandt danske ledere for at afdække, hvordan de arbejder med relationer i deres daglige ledelse. For pointen er, at en event er en fremragende mulighed for at kommunikere dit kernebudskab ud på alle tilgængelige platforme – på den måde kan én event sikre momentum for dit brand langt ud i fremtiden.