Nikolaj Stagis at Uffindell


Nikolaj Stagis will share his insights into authenticity and branding on Friday 29th May 1pm-2pm in London at Uffindell’s event The Catalyst Club.

Uffindell is an international brand agency with offices in London and New York. With customers from the ranks of HSBC, British Computer Society and Jaguar, Uffindell is well established for its excellence.

On Uffindell’s website, it’s argued that businesses are increasingly looking to define their purpose beyond financial profit. Today it matters how you make your money. An organisation’s values and behaviours are more vital than ever. Subsequently, Uffindell, as well as Stagis, recognise the need to build authentic brand platforms and conscious cultures on which to create competitive advantage

People’s attitudes and motivations have changed. Customers now demand authenticity. As a consequence hereof, new business models are needed.

The Catalyst Club

As a quasi-monthly event, Uffindell have since July 2013 held The Catalyst Club, where people with a passion and a point of view get to express it. To Uffindell, it’s an opportunity to stay connected to the world outside, to nurture connections with their broader community, to stay interesting and to take every opportunity to learn, share and grow.

Nikolaj will share some of his insights on how to formulate business strategy and brands by understanding the true identity of a company.

“We’ve become more sensitive and critical about the identities we meet. The more artificial and virtual our world is, the more we seek the authentic. Companies have to define what they stand for – what is the meaning and the identity that is going to drive the brand?“ – Nikolaj Stagis

The event is free, though they do ask that you drop a line to confirm so that they can cater accordingly.