Brands With a Conscience Conference in Copenhagen September 15 and 16


Businesses and organizations are meeting new demands and new opportunities as users, customers and citizens want conscious and humane organizations, services and products. The international branding think tank Medinge Group invites you to two inspirational conferences themed by Medinges new book “Brands With a Conscience” and at Stagis we are pleased to be the local host for these two events.

I have been a member of the international non profit think tank Medinge Group since 2011. We meet twice a year at different venues, primarily in Europe, to discuss branding and learn from one another. The meetings are usually two days and contain both an open part at a business school and a part only for Medinge members. You can read more about my first meeting with the group in this post from 2011.

For the first time the Medinge Group is meeting in Copenhagen and you are welcome to join us at either of these two events:

Thursday, September 15, 9 AM – 12.30 PM

Brands With a Conscience Conference at Copenhagen Business School

Friday, September 16, 9 AM – 4 PM

Conference and debate on the local and global value of brands at Danish Design Centre

I am very pleased to be the local host for these wonderful people and invite our customers, friends, colleagues and students to join us at either event or both of them. You can read more about the events, sign up and get the Brands With a Conscience book on the Medinge Group website.

Brands With a Concience Conference
September 15, 9 AM – 12.30 PM

Join the Brands With a Conscience conference in Copenhagen on September 15. Themed by the new book “Brands With a Conscience” written by 14 Medinge members, you can learn from these international experts, brand practitioners and business cases. Meet speakers such as Simon Paterson, Nicholas Ind, Sandra Horlings, Nikolaj Stagis (that’s me) and CBS host Mogens Bjerre along with their case studies from the new book. Find out why businesses should become more humane and conscious in order to help their businesses prosper and humanity to progress. I’m very thankful to Mogens Bjerre, professor at Copenhagen Business School as he is the host at this half day event from 9 AM to 12.30 PM at Copenhagen Business School. You can buy your ticket through the Medinge Group website – we’ve made differentiated prices for professionals and students. You can choose a ticket with or without your copy of the book.

Local and Global Brand Value – Conference and Forum
September 16, 9 AM – 4 PM

On September 16th you can join a more classical Medinge meeting as this full day event is a discussion on how brands create local and global value. Meet speakers such as Peter Brown, Simon Paterson, Nicholas Ind and Nikolaj Stagis (that’s me again) from the Medinge Group along with guest speakers from Danish Design Centre and international and Danish companies and organizations.

At this full day Medinge event you will experience the international experts from Medinge Group when we meet with brand leaders from international and Danish businesses and cities. Learn how organizations, cities and countries can create meaningful brands where economic growth, conscious leadership and social responsibility goes hand in hand. We are very pleased that Danish Design Centre has committed to host this full day event from 9 AM to 4 PM at Danish Design Centre. You can buy your ticket through the Medinge Group website – this day aims at professional participants but we welcome a small group of students. The ticket for this event includes a copy of the book.


New Book on conscious brands

This expert guide marks the culmination of Medinge Groups continuous work on the issue of brands as agents for positive change: How do you navigate in the modern-day branding landscape in a sustainable and ethical manner. The book showcase some of the best stories of conscientious brands to establish a model that can inspire other organizations. This spring my colleague Oskar was blogging about the book which I gave a small contribution to by writing one chapter. The case studies of the book are mainly commercial enterprises but also organizations and my chapter focuses on city branding and place branding – and how city brands can behave in more conscious and humane ways.


Medinge stand for brands with a conscience

Medinge Group is a not for profit international think tank whose purpose is to influence business to become more humane and conscious. In the group we believe that becoming a conscious brand requires more than introducing ambitious CSR initiatives or enacting new policies. Rather, brands are created together with others for the benefit of the organization, its stakeholders and society. You can read more about Medinge Group on our website.